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365 opportunities to make a difference!  

We need your help more than ever...

The pandemic crisis caused us to lose hundreds of thousands of desperately needed funds due to cancelled fundraising events. We continue to experience increased operating expenses in order to serve our children and families in the safest possible environment. While the pandemic has presented many challenges, curves, bends, and roadblocks, the needs of our children and families have increased. Will you help us continue to make a difference in the lives of children and families in need?

Changes Implemented During the Pandemic:

  • Class sizes reduced to 8 children and 2 teachers.
  • Teachers working extended hours to complete health check-ins and sanitation procedures.
  • Kindergarten program added for our alumni children to attend school safely and virtually.
  • Parents ‘valet’ children to the front door for health screenings and shoe changes.
  • All staff members equipped with PPE. $10,000 monthly expense for PPE – smocks, gloves (1,000+ pairs per day), no-touch thermometers, alcohol wipes, bleach wipes (all we can get our hands on), sanitizing equipment, safety goggles, face shields, booties (disposable to place over shoes) and masks (for adults and children).
  • Temporary room closures for possible exposure.
  • Training for all staff on CDC recommended sanitation and operating procedures.
  • Additional learning supplies and equipment to create an individual play pod for each child.

We are very proud of the Opportunity children, families, and staff and how they have managed to navigate through the pandemic crisis. Proactively practicing effective safety measures ensures that everyone remains safe and healthy. The accommodations we have made are enabling fun, laughter, learning, camaraderie, and teamwork to continue. We are staying socially connected and physically distant. The children are thriving and experiencing the pure joy of childhood. 

Please help us continue to provide solutions to this vulnerable community with your support.

  • One Month’s Tuition for One Opportunity Student ($1,000)
  • Classroom Technology or Conscious Discipline Materials ($500)
  • Playground Equipment, Field Trips Or STEAM Supplies ($250)
  • Art Supplies, Dramatic Play Materials Or Educational Toys ($100)
  • Books, Puzzles or Games ($50)
  • PPE Equipment ($25)

We are grateful for your generosity 365 Days a Year!