OH! Opportunity Happens

Monthly Giving Program

Your Monthly Gift makes the difference in a child’s and their family’s life!

While Opportunity’s goal of addressing poverty in our community has not changed, our approach to accomplishing that goal has changed.  Opportunity has evolved from simply providing childcare for working parents to a center that provides quality educational experiences for the children and supportive programs for their families.  This approach addresses current needs and creates the foundation for future success that will eliminate generational poverty.

Because of you, Opportunity makes a lasting difference in the lives of the children, families and community we serve.


  Opportunity parent Evna enrolled her oldest child when the facility moved to Quail Drive 15 years ago.  She had been on the waiting list for the downtown location and wanted to give her young children the best preschool experience possible. She felt the loving, nurturing and educational foundation provided by Opportunity was critical for her children and herself.  Evna put herself through college while raising two children as a single mother and achieved her dream of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse. Years later, she is now happily married, and has moved on to become a Registered Nurse.  She has twins that currently attend the school, and became Opportunity’s first school nurse in February of this year.  Thanks to you, she has achieved the Opportunity dream. She will tell you how Opportunity has been such a pivotal part of her family’s life, and how she’s paying it forward by being part of the Opportunity team.

You can help us make dreams a reality with your monthly gift


You, our monthly supporters, are the guardians that help us ensure that we have the resources we need to provide a quality preschool education specifically for children with limited access. Students attend Opportunity from birth until entering elementary school.  This unique and brief period of a child’s life will have the everlasting effect of determining their future. We believe that a stronger community begins with helping children succeed.  We know that our children are strengthened when we provide targeted programs that support their family.  With your support we can change the dynamic of the family by providing family support and strengthening the home environment so our work with the children will be that much more effective – and they can all achieve the Opportunity dream, too. 

Thanks to your generosity, OH! Opportunity Happens!