Educating Children

Opportunity Early Childhood Education & Family Center offers a comprehensive program of school-readiness training, fine and performing arts, recreation, health and nutrition, social development and field-trip enrichment specifically designed to prepare at-risk children to begin public school on equal footing with their classmates.

We are:

Accredited by: The National Accreditation Commission (NAC)
Recognized as: Gold Seal School of Excellence by the Florida Department of Children & Families
Strong Minds Network Provider: Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County

Pre-kindergarten training can change a child’s life. Children who have completed high quality pre-schools demonstrate greater academic and social competence during their academic careers than those who have been deprived of the experience. 

Opportunity’s outstanding early education programs provide economically disadvantaged parents the ability to make the most of their children’s immense learning potential during their formative, pre-school years. The Opportunity program enables the children to be well prepared for entry into Kindergarten, and provides a foundation for success in school and ultimately in life.

Studies* show that children who attend a high quality preschool:

  • Spend 1.3 fewer years in special education classes.
  • Are twice as likely to have positive relationships with their families. 
  • Have a 44% higher high school graduation rate.
  • Produce 50% fewer teen pregnancies.
  • Are 46% less likely to serve time in prison.

By providing excellence in education, a professional, nurturing and caring staff, as well as an environment conducive to learning through discovery and creativity, Opportunity's children are prepared for a lifetime of positive learning.  Since 1939, we have provided thousands of children in our community the benefit of learning, laughter and hope.