Dannette Volmy

Danette Volmy and her son first came to Opportunity in 2009. She had family members enrolled at the school and wanted, then six month old, Damari to have the same positive learning experience.

Danette was pursuing her LPN certification when she joined the family at Opportunity.  Damari’s father was working. His income, combined with Danette’s unemployment, allowed the parents to make sure Damari received the best early childhood experience possible.

The Opportunity community welcomed Danette and Damari. Under the attentive care of his teachers, Damari soon transformed from a colicky baby to a happy little boy. Danette made the most of all the workshops and activities Opportunity offers to its families. She learned about nutrition, managing personal finances and creating a literacy-rich home environment.

In 2011 when Danette gave birth to Zari, she wanted her daughter to attend Opportunity. There were no spaces available and Zari was put on the waiting list.  Zari joined the one-year-old classroom at Opportunity in 2012.

Knowing her children were being well cared for allowed Danette to focus on furthering her career. She enrolled in a registered nursing program.

The young family suffered a major set back in 2014 when the children’s father died suddenly. Zari was only two years old and Damari was four. The Scholarship Society stepped in to help, allowing Danette to get back on her feet financially.

Damari is now in first grade and doing exceptionally well.  When people say how smart he is, Danette credits his teachers at Opportunity. Zari is thriving in the four-year-old classroom.

Danette is working part-time as a private nurse for disabled children. She is about to graduate with her nursing degree and hopes to one day open her own nursing home.